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GMB Structural is a professional engineering consultancy company that provides cost-effective & valuable services to the construction industry in Australia. We offer expert, independent & impartial services for issues with new or existing buildings and structures, as well as specialist systems, materials and techniques for new construction.

Structural design checks and evaluation of performance over time for:

  • Buildings under construction – where there is concern about structural adequacy in serviceability limit states, such as deflection or cracking
  • Existing buildings – to ensure structural adequacy prior to refurbishment, additional architectural finishes, change of use, or significant addition of weight (e.g. heavy equipment, document storage, water tanks)
  • Cracking or spalling of concrete – to determine the effect of deterioration on the structural capacity

Inspect and report on common building issues, including:

  • Balustrade upgrades
  • Retaining wall repairs
  • Structural cracking
  • Poor drainage and inadequate falls
  • Leaking planter boxes
  • Water ingress
  • Differential footing movements
  • Leaking balconies
  • Poor finishing
  • Waterproofing DFT’s,Hob Heights, Falls
  • Flashing Detailing
  • Efflorescence
  • Torch-On, Sheet and Liquid waterproof membranes

Development and implementation of appropriate strengthening solutions, including:

  • Designs for enhancement with micro-concrete, additional structural steelwork, or carbon fibre strengthening of columns, beams, and slabs
  • Load testing recommendations, including methods, witnessing, and verification

Provision of diagnostic and expert advice to the legal and insurance sectors. GMB Structural have the skills and experience to help resolve your dispute fairly, quickly and in a timely manner.

Recommendations on concrete construction technology, including design, materials, and construction techniques, including:

  • Advice on specimen failure in production concrete strength tests
  • Statistical analysis of supply concrete strengths
  • Development of non-destructive and destructive testing to assess concrete strength relative to contracts and recognised international codes

Guidance through identification of confined spaces at workplaces, including risk assessment to develop practical control solutions. We have supported numerous clients in their mission to ensure the health and safety of their employees working in or around confined spaces. Different approaches are often required for each client’s unique workspace and are established through:

  • Site inspection and confined space inventory development
  • Confined space program development
  • Confined space identification and classification

Provision of guidelines for complete rehabilitation and repair for existing or new government buildings or assets. This includes monitoring to ensure the building compliance and safety for day-to-day intended use.

Provision of a third party non-bias peer review and assessment of structural design to avoid over or under designed structure that can lead to failure or excessive cost over time.

Inspection and comprehensive reporting for accurate data about the existing condition of the building façades using rope access. The report can be used to generate a more complex repair strategy and solutions for repairing deteriorated façades versus using zoomed pictures or non-physical inspection and data from drone technology.