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The structural design of a project brings life to the architectural vision. To see that this vision is uncompromised, our engineers also take on the role of project manager. We work closely with the client and architect from conception through to build, to ensure a cost-effective, compliant and beautiful structure that will stand the test of time.

We work on developments in all types of industries, including but not limited to:

From minor renovations or extensions for existing dwellings to elaborate designs for new dream homes, GMB Structural are meticulous in our efforts to maintain both the design and structural integrity of each house we work with.

Unit, townhouse and housing estate sites are governed by a strict set of rules and regulations. If not managed appropriately, this can bring about a number of unforeseen problems and costs. Our intricate knowledge of council, parking, sustainability and building requirements allows GMB Structural to anticipate these issues before they eventuate.

Retail and office developments are unique and require flexible design solutions to accommodate change and rebranding by future clients. GMB provide solutions for spatial needs, lettable tenancy areas, fire performance and smart services for all commercial developments.

When putting together a structural design for a factory or warehouse, GMB take the time to understand your business. Cleaner production, process re-engineering design, procurement and construction management are all key factors we consider and that contribute to the strategic growth of the facility.

GMB Structural revel in making the impossible possible, and when it comes to building infrastructure, the possibilities are endless. We’ve worked with some of the most outrageous bridge, transport, aviation and tunnel designs that we’ve managed to strike a perfect balance of technical proficiency with.

We conduct a thorough evaluation of the site, ensuring structural integrity and compliance. Our extensive experience allows us to quickly identify and address issues, making the process swift and easy for the client.